Course Closure Procedures

(Effective from Monday 28 July 2014)

The Starter may decide at any time to close the course due to bad weather conditions and will immediately inform all staff. Any such decision should be made in consultation with any Club Officials and Green keepers who are available at the club.

The Green keepers will inspect the course before the scheduled start of play and if unplayable due to frost, water or fog then the course will be closed until it is deemed suitable for play to begin.

If there is fog, then the guiding principle will be that play cannot start until the first bunker is visible from the first medal/white tee. Inspections will take place regularly by any of the following: Starter, Captain, Vice-Captain, Match & Handicap Secretary, or Greens Convenor. All decisions should be made after consultation with the Green keepers (if available).
If the course becomes unplayable after a competition has started, the klaxon will be sounded and play will be suspended. If there is no imminent danger then players may complete the hole being played. If there is immediate danger (e.g. lightning), players should mark their balls where they lie and leave the course immediately.

One long blast of the klaxon indicates safe suspension of play and five short blasts indicates immediate suspension of play. Any player who continues to play after an immediate suspension of play will be liable for disqualification and disciplinary procedures. In addition, under the terms of the Members and Visitors Liability Insurance, the insurance company will not pay for any accidental bodily injury where this has been caused by wilful exposure to needless risk other than in an attempt to save human life. Play will be suspended until a decision is made to either abandon or to re-commence play. Any player who is unable or unwilling to restart after a suspension will be liable for disqualification.

If play is suspended during a Medal competition, it will resume on the same day if possible. If further play is not possible the competition will be cancelled and held again, in full, on the next available date. For completed rounds, handicaps may be reduced but not increased when play cannot resume.
These procedures are in place to:
• Protect players in dangerous weather
• Protect the golf course from long term damage
• Keep the course open for golfers for as long as possible
Note: Rules of Golf
Rule 6-8, page 51 lists the player’s responsibility regarding the discontinuance and resumption of play.
Rule 33-2d, page 113 gives the Committee authority and responsibility for suspending and/or cancelling play.

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