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Heart Felt Support for Newburgh-on-Ythan Golf Club


Bobby McClymont (Club Treasurer) accepting a defibrillator from Life-member Ros Dunsmuir

In August 2013, former Ryder Cup Captain, Bernard Gallacher collapsed during a dinner at The Marcliffe Hotel on the outskirts of Aberdeen. This was due to a sudden cardiac arrest. Fortunately, the hotel had a defibrillator which was used by the hotel staff to administer early life saving shocks. This together with the other medical assistance that he received enabled him to make a full recovery.

Following his experience, the Bernard Gallacher Defibrillator Campaign was launched in association with the support of the Professional Golfers’ Association and the Arrhythmia Alliance with the aim of having a defibrillator in every UK golf club by the end of 2014. Sudden cardiac arrests cause 100,000 deaths a year in the UK. This figure is higher than the combined deaths due to lung cancer, breast cancer and AIDs. Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) only saves the lives of 5% of those who suffer a sudden cardiac arrest. CPR when used alongside an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) massively increases the survival rate from 5% to 50%. This highlights the reason why golf clubs are being encouraged to have a defibrillator available as the chance of survival when combined with CPR treatment is so much higher.

In April, the Newburgh-on-Ythan Golf Club Monthly Newsletter carried an article about Bernhard Gallacher’s sudden cardiac arrest and how his treatment with a defibrillator had contributed to his subsequent recovery. Robbie Stewart, our new PGA Professional, recommended that the Club should get a defibrillator. The Newsletter went on to say that the Golf Club Committee were exploring different ways to fund the purchase of an automated external defibrillator for the Club and which would also be available for the local community.

On the day that the Newsletter was published, two golf club members came forward with amazing offers to donate sufficient funds to enable the Club to purchase a defibrillator immediately. The first offer which was accepted was made by Rosaleen (Ros) Dunsmuir, a life-member of the golf club. As a retired Lecturer in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Robert Gordon University, Ros said “I am very happy to make a positive contribution to the Club and to the local community and I hope that the defibrillator would never need to be used”. Ros handed over the AED to Bobby McClymont (the Club’s Treasurer and Seniors Convenor) who accepted it on behalf of Newburgh-on-Ythan Golf Club. Bobby said “This is a fantastic gift from Ros which is greatly appreciated as a vital, potentially life-saving instrument which the Club is delighted to receive. We cannot thank Ros enough for her generosity and like Ros we hope that it will never be needed”.


Bobby McClymont

Club Treasurer

Newburgh-on-Ythan Golf Club

Beach Road

Newburgh, Aberdeenshire AB41 6BY

Telephone: 01358 789058


Further Information on AEDs is provided below

What Is an AED?

An AED, which stands for automatic external defibrillator, is a device used to administer an electric shock through the chest wall to the heart. The device has built-in computers that assess the victim’s heart rhythm, to judge whether defibrillation is needed, and if so to administer the shock. Audible and/or visual prompts guide the user through the process.

Who can use an AED?

Most AEDs are designed for use by non-medical people such as fire department personnel, police, lifeguards, airline staff, security guards, teachers and even family members of high-risk persons.

The goal is to provide access to defibrillation when needed as quickly as possible. CPR along with AEDs can dramatically increase survival rates for sudden cardiac arrest (up from 5% to 50%).

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